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Moving Tips

Make a list

Mark down and even label items to be handled by the movers , stay with house, donated, garbage, etc.

Also make a to do list of things to prepare for your move day. It's more work and time consuming than people normally account for. Better to be ahead of or on schedule rather than behind and stressed come moving day.

Organization is key and saves everybody in the end. DON'T HESITATE TO CALL US ANYTIME FOR FREE TIPS!

Have plenty of supplies

Better to have more supplies than not enough. The better packed and prepared you are the safer and more efficient your move will be. If you know you are moving you can even save some supplies from deliveries and such. Some stores might even have extra boxes they can give you. Or if you know someone who just moved, ask , most people don't want to keep boxes around. Supplies are plentiful, don't be afraid to use them, they will save you money in the long run. WE SELL SUPPLIES AS WELL AT REASONABLE PRICES. OR WE CAN RECOMMEND SUPPLIERS IN YOUR AREA. 

Utilize wardrobe boxes

If you pack your own wardrobes, feel free to utilize the extra space appropriately. Bedding, stuffed animals and such ride great in the bottom of a wardrobe. Also taller items such as umbrellas, golf a loose golf club or two, etc fit nicely in the corner. The key is to keep it light​ and safe for your clothes in there as well. WE SUPPLY FREE USE OF WARDROBES ON MOVING DAY. (TO BE RETURNED AT COMPLETION OF THE MOVE).

Color coordinate

The more you label the quicker and easier things go (And the movers don't need to bother you every two seconds). Try to label boxes on the top and one side if possible. Be clear about where you want them to go and if they require special care ( marking on the tape preserves boxes for cleaner future use). You may also label furniture. Make sure you use a safe sticker or tape (painters tape works well). Also put the label on the back of the item ( professional movers carry items padded and won't have to remove pad to see the label). Also mark the rooms on the doorway with the same words you used to label the items. You can even mark which wall you want the items to go on. Color coordinating may help too ( keep it simple and not too many colors).




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