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Packing books and heavier items.

On this day in 1828, Noah Webster registers The First American Dictionary for its copyright for publication. When packing books, use what is called a small carton, also referred to as a 1.5 cube or book carton. You may use smaller containers, just not bigger ones. They will become unmanageable. Make sure the box is packed firmly, as heavier boxes are used towards the bottom of the load on the truck. You may pack the books vertically, or horizontally, or both.Pack it level with the top edges of the carton. If you don't the box may crush making loading and carrying difficult and dangerous. Also make sure to use plenty of tape to support the bottom of heavier boxes. These smaller cartons also work well for tools and heavier, non-fragile items.

Thanks for reading, tune in for more tips. J.R.

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