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Transporting Flowers

Happy Easter! Fittingly, today is also National Orchid Day. When moving flowers/plants, try to minimize mess and damage as much as possible. Try to put smaller pots in garbage bag lined cartons or plastic containers. Wrap fragile pots in paper as well. This will keep water contained in the carton and also helps insulate the carton. For taller plants, tape the box flaps in their upright position. This extends the height of the carton, offering more protection for the plants. It's ok for the top to be open. For larger pots/plants, the pot should be emptied if possible. The mover may, if possible, move the pot with the plant in it. However, they may not be liable for potential damage to the pot and/or plant. These should still be wrapped in garbage bags as well, if possible. They are very messy when moved, this contains it in the bag. The key is that plants spend as little time as possible out of their element, especially in extreme weather situations. Elements on the truck magnify during hot and cold weather. If you follow these tips, your plants and pots have a good chance of surviving your move.  

    Thanks for reading, J.R.

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