Blue Collar Jobs

Seems this day and age, a lot of people cringe at the thought of manual labor. It is a necessity to keep the world moving though. We may think it's a good job for robots, but that will only ease some of the burden. Certain "dirty jobs" will require a skilled laborer for quite some time. Don't lose sight of the fact that a laborer's job is just as important as yours. Also remember, when paying for such a service, the afore mentioned are some reasons why it may cost a bit more. Moving for instance. People may think, oh, they just have to carry my items. Well, kind of yes, but you want it done carefully? Right? It's tough work carrying a household all day long. Especially when, weather, stairs, weight of items, and so on come into play. Try to remember, how many times do you actually move? The cost may seem steep, but in the long run, is it really? If a mover is really cheap, they are probably not legal. There are a lot of insurance and regulations involved in the price. This protects you, your goods, and the workers. Just remember, more times than not, you get what you do or don't pay for. 

      Thanks for the read, J.R.

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