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When getting estimates from moving companies, make sure you fully understand what it means. Hourly rates should include the number of trucks and men that are included with that rate. Make sure you also look at incidental charges. Companies may charge for wardrobe usage, plastic wrap, tape, pianos, hoisting, etc, etc. Be sure to have a full breakdown in your copy of the estimate ticket. Also don’t only focus on the number of hours estimated to get the job done. Most professional companies should get the job done around the same time frame as long as they aren’t slacking or taking risky short cuts. Remember, estimates are non binding, only the rates are binding, not the bottom line. A good chunk of the end total is based on actual hours to complete the task. Some estimators may lower this number on the estimate just to get the job and then you may pay more in the end. Do your homework and stay informed. 

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