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Professional Packing

Today we’ll discuss the smallest of standard professional moving boxes, aka the book carton or 1.5 cube. It is specifically designed for your smaller heavier weight items that add up in total weight quickly. Hence its name-the book carton.

-It is great for your media items such as books, records albums (if you still have them), files, papers, dvds, etc.

-It also works good for tools, small weights, canned goods, etc.

-You can put your cleaning supplies in this box as long as they are tightly sealed, upright, and not being stored long term.

-And if you have a small amount of overflow from your heavy duty glassware boxes, this small box works good to finish the job.

The ideal weight is 50-100#’s each fully packed box. Make sure you use at least 3 passes of tape on the bottom to hold all that weight and mark your box appropriately based on what’s inside. Be sure to fill the box from top to bottom so they don’t collapse while stacking. Try not to mix the types of items listed above to avoid damage or messes. Happy packing, or give us a call to handle it for you.

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